Client Comments

award winning photograph of water flowing through a stream



“Living Water”    1992    Award Winning Photo

“There is an inner stillness in the ‘Living Water’ that helps me go within to relax and find peace.  I am able to connect with the heart and soul of the earth through this beautiful art piece and I cannot imagine my life without her.  Thank you Christine.”

Pasca O.




photograph of a hummingbird on a blooming yucca.


“Still Hummingbird”    2007

“Christine Taft’s work is extraordinary and I am honored to own one of her photo prints.  The ‘Still Hummingbird’  hangs quietly in my office and yet she touches everyone who enters my doors.  I receive many complements including the peacefullness she brings my clients.”

Dr. Robert C.


  photograph of the award winning yellow rose

  “Signature Rose”    2000    Award Winning Photo

“I love roses and when I saw this beauty of a rose, I knew she needed to come home with me.  I am moved by the life she carries and how she touches me on a daily basis, very soft and gentle.  Christine, thank you for your amazing art.”

Ellie A



“Earth’s Grid”    2005

“After hanging ‘Earth’s Grid’ in my living room, the energy  totally changed, hard to describe how that happened as it’s very peaceful now.   Everyone who visits  comments on how peaceful my home is and what a beautiful art piece this is.  Thank you!”

Mary Susan


 Grand Canyon's south rim with snow

“Painted Canyon”    2008

“I have had the privilege of exhibting several of Christine’s art pieces and they have totally transformed my salon.  My clients love her work and comment on how beautiful her images are, now the salon is a more enjoyable experience for them.  My favorite piece is the ‘Painted Canyon’ as it speaks to me daily.  Thanks for your great work!”