Christine Taft is a landscape photographer, whose award winning photographs are considered works of art.  Her unique photographic art takes on a life all of it’s own, with stunning photography in a variety of mediums and custom designed art photography books.  This Gallery includes sunsets, ocean views, and the essence of a single flower, as well as other gifts of Mother Nature.

Born in Wisconsin, she has now lived in the desert southwest for over twenty-five years.  Christine’s grandmother, a photographer herself, helped launch Christine’s love of photographic art at the early age of seven.


The Perceptive Lens Mission Statement:

“If the eyes are the mirrors of the soul, then what beauty the eyes can see as it illuminates and heals the soul.”  The Perceptive Lens captures the essence of nature, this creates the pristine image of the natural beauty of our world.  Her photographs are available as beautiful pieces of art, for more information, please contact her.