Inspirational Photos

photograph of the award winning amaryllis

 “Awakening to the Light”    1999                                    Award Winning Photo


Was so properly named, as when you look at it, the light emanates the stamens, and beckons you to open your heart to the oneness.




photograph of the 'Praying Monk' on Camelback Mtn. in Phoenix

“Morning Prayer”    2007


This incredible rock formation inspires you to connect to your god, the one within you and the one above.





photograph of a temple over water in Hawaii

“Temple Water”     2005


Temple Water creates that Zen peaceful and tranquil place within you,    as you meditate with this piece, you will find the hidden places within yourself.




“Spirit’s Light”    2008    Award Winning Photo


Taken in Sedona, one of the most spiritual places on the planet, allows you the opportunity to connect with great spirit the source of all creation.  This was a prayer ceremony to creator.





 “Serenity Rose”


The delicate color symbolizes peace, balance and harmony, in the sereneness of this rose you will find that.






“Sapphire Pool”    2008


Nature’s sapphire pool allows you to go deep within to find the crystal clear knowing you’re looking for.